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This week on JMO GETS IT (x)

"I definitely have a strong response to people who come into my life and go like 'I accept you as you and I want you to be the best version of you' and he’s doing that for her.”

"What girl gets to love a true pirate?”


Mass Effect 3: Fuck You Bioware Missions


Captain Swan Interactions: 3B

Third season’s first half [x]
Second season [x]


Regina Mills + apples

Whatevs 🌸

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outlaw queen appreciation week; day 7.2
robin hood aiming arrows at regina

Video Game Meme: [1/7] Video Games - Dragon Age
"Hurtled into chaos, you fight…and the world will shake before you."


Killian Jones vs. The Modern World


Isabela’s hair floofing up after it rains.. -‿-

look how proud she feels of herself


3/∞ badass female characters; edi》
c a p s

"Their history and their, y’know, obviously their blood bond in their part in John’s death…all those things bond them on almost a cellular level.”

Stargate SG-1 alphabet || inspired by {x}

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